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If you are looking for an established USB product supplier that understands your needs and offers a vast range of quality products at competitive rates, backed by experience and exceptional service, then 24th Floor is the partner for you. With over 250 models, most available in all major colours and various memory sizes, it easy to select the ideal style for your brand image from our range. We can also customise colours and source models from the thousands of available moulds or, if you need something truly unique, we can design and manufacture your own unit.

Whether you need 25 or 1 000 000, we will handle your order with the same efficiency and professional service level.
Here’s why you should choose a USB for your promotion. . . .

Since the mid-1990s, innovative companies have collaborated to create a standard for communication between electronic devices. This advanced technology allows for quick data and information transfer between PCs and peripheral devices such as printers and external hard drives. Ports and connectors make this universal technology functional, and a fast connection improves the functions of any PC by allowing devices to work together and cooperate. 

This universal serial bus technology, or USB, enables devices to transfer and receive data via USB cables that connect the devices together. This durable yet flexible cable employs twisted-pair construction of data, power and ground wires, connecting USB compliant devices to a PC.

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