24th floor Sales and Distribution is the brainchild of our Director, Jeff Lurie. Bespoke Branding!

Envisioned in 2001 whilst working in the service industry, he came to realize that there was a need for a company to start to expand the way they thought about branding, corporate gifting, customers and that lasting memory, the experience left behind. How does the client view their own brand identity? Are we a quality institute, do we leave a memorable customer experience? 24th floor is here to offer its clients service and a certain skill in understanding how to provide a top quality product available at very competitive prices!

Mission Statement

Providing exclusive quality products at realistic pricing, passionately driven to create brand awareness for your client!

Company Goals and Objectives

To have a healthy, successful company that is a leader in customer service and that has a loyal customer following. We would like by the end of 2011 have a steady book of corporate clients continuously returning to 24th Floor for new branding ideas and exclusive corporate gifting.

Business Philosophy

Always motivated to create the best experience and service for our clients!

We market our products and services directly to the corporate clients and hospitality world, our clients will be purchasing branded and unbranded products available exclusively through us! We have built up wonderful relationships with our partners, which enable us to bring some exclusive brands and capabilities to 24th floor Sales. Our entire company is sales driven and has experience in the service industry; this means that we are always able to find the most creative solutions to your branding, printing and promotional needs!

Being a sole Proprietor, 24th floor Sales & Distribution are able to create custom branded solutions for our clients with no minimum order quantity, we will go above and beyond to get the job done before the due date!

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